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“Who Would Win in a Fight?” Bond 007 vs. Agent 47

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on March - 31 - 2012

Welcome to the all new weekly feature on www.JCWigriff.com called “Who Would Win in a Fight?”

In this weekly event, I will pit two contenders from the video game world against each other. I won’t decide the victor though – that is for you to do. I’m just the event promoter, outlining each warrior’s attributes and abilities. As Sgt. Friday would say on Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

Tell me what you think. Back your contender up. Comment, argue, fight, and bicker. Nitpick over asinine discrepancies and minute details.

I will hold polls and votes on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming fights. Tell me what battles and characters you want to see.

So, without further ado…

Who Would Win in a Fight?

Special Agent 007

In the red corner, we have the well-dressed, martini drinking, womanizing James Bond.

007′s weapon of choice is a Walther PPK 7.65mm, but he is trained and very capable with a multitude of firearms, and the best shot in the British Secret Service.

His additional skills include hand-to-hand combat, driving, underwater swimming, skiing, and effortlessly talking women out of their clothes.

Bond often carries a booby-trapped attaché case, and an assortment of gadgets. With an arsenal including dagger shoes, a garrote watch, lasers, nerve gas, a rocket belt, amini-rocket cigarette,  a bo-spear, a flamethrower spray can, the Moonraker Laser… well, you get the idea. Bond is one dangerous and sneaky son-of-a-bitch.

When 007 rolls into town in his Aston Martin, death will surely follow – but will Bond be too busy making his “O” face to notice…

Agent 47

In the red corner, we have Hitman’s Agent 47 – a bald, near emotionless test-tube baby, with a penchant for killing and rabbit adoption.

Agent 47 is proficient with all weapon types, has near-perfect aim, can operate a multitude of vehicle types, and is a master of disguise.

47 is also a stealthy bastard, skilled in infiltration and evasion. To aid in avoiding detection, 47 often utilizes “fiber wires,” poisons and sedatives.

47 doesn’t have the improvisational skills of Bond though, and the predictability of his formulaic approach could prove to be his downfall.


So who’s it going to be – 007 or 47? You decide.

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7 Responses so far.

  1. I think Agent 47 is going to win !Bond has No Chance he just can shoot like and
    idiot around and its luck when he kills somebody!Agent 47 kills with only one shot!
    LIKE A PRO !

  2. arnsekar says:

    Agent 47, easily. Bond is too “human”. Bond’s ego alone would be enough to get him killed. Bond is flashy. He has to be seen. Announce he is there. Toy with his target, to get an emotional response. Agent 47 is mechanical, near perfect aim, minimal emotional ties… Bond has a trail. People know what he looks like. Intel wouldn’t be hard to come by. 47, is nameless,and faceless. From Bond’s point of view, 47 could be anyone, anywhere. I’m a Bond fan, but I feel like he literally wouldn’t see 47 coming.

  3. Skellagrim says:

    I’d have to vote for bond. In the latest trailers 47 is on the run, so obviously his notoriety has gotten him noticed. Aside from Bond being a master at “winging it”, he has an entire agency behind him. Bond would have quite a fight, but in the end I think he’d dispatch 47 and make it back home in time for tea with Diana Burnwood. Does anyone else find it ironic that Olga Kurylenko was Hitman’s girl AND one of Daniel Craig’s Bond girls?

  4. Johnny says:

    Definetly 47 would win has his life time expirience more than James Bond he had some years and 47 is practicly a ghost unlike Bond he is flashy.

  5. agent 47 says:

    I would win easily one reason and one reason alone: I have better skills and weapons.

  6. Bond says:

    I agree, 47 would kick my arse

  7. Ty says:

    47 would walk out shoot bond in the face twice then walk away. LONG LIVE 47

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