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Blue Dragon: An Overlooked Remedy

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on September - 20 - 2012

          I, like many others, grew up suckling the JRPG tit. In the 1990’s, companies like Squaresoft had a near impeccable track record of releasing exceptional titles, many becoming gaming’s most cherished classics. Unfortunately, this generation of gaming has seen this once beloved genre perform a proverbial nosedive; a fiery crash to rival the Hindenburg disaster. There are still JRPGs being produced for handheld systems – the Nintendo DS in particular – but big, console JRPG releases have gone by the wayside. Square merged with Enix, and has performed a mutilation of the Final Fantasy series that makes Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull look like a respectable sequel, while Enix’s wonderful Dragon Quest series remains severely underappreciated and absent from the big box consoles. Other JRPGs have emerged here-and-there on consoles, but most implement action elements, or attempt to stray away entirely from the old formula. Many fans of the genre are simply left wondering, “What the hell happened?”

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