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The Impoverished Chef: Close Enough Italian Gravy Recipe

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on January - 4 - 2013

Italian Gravy. Red sauce. Spaghetti sauce. RagĂș. Whatever you want to call it, tomato-based sauces are a cornerstone of American cuisine, and are used in countless tasty recipes. Besides, who doesn’t love spaghetti?

Too bad so many people are doing it wrong.

Most supermarkets have a large portion of an aisle dedicated to pre-canned red sauce, indicating a pretty high demand. I know, I know… it’s so simple to boil some noodles and dump some of this crimson stool on top of it and call it dinner, right? Well, without much more money or effort, you can create a red sauce that will make you wonder how you ever settled for anything else.

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