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Dark Souls 2 Total Lore and Location Breakdown (SPOILERS)

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on March - 20 - 2014

Well, it’s been nine days (for me) since venturing back into the world of Dark Souls. Nine days of death, frustration, oppression, elation, wonderment, and obsession. And, like several others I have seen around the internet, I have noticed some striking similarities between Drangleic and our former home of undeath in the world of curses and souls: Lordran. In fact, I personally believe that it has become rather undeniable that Drangleic stands on the same area of land that Lordran did, as evidenced by many hints and clues left in the game.

  • First, let’s consider some dialogue from several NPC characters:

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Games from 2012 for ≤ $30 That You Need to Finally Buy

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on May - 2 - 2013

2012 offered some pretty amazing games. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy every game they want at launch. Maybe a game or two just slipped under your radar, or you were ‘on the fence’ about buying a particular title at full price. That’s just life.

Fortunately, some of last year’s best titles can now be bought for less than thirty bucks! If you haven’t played the following games yet, then you need to surf on over to Amazon or Steam and do some shopping.

(Most of these prices are available on Amazon and/or Steam, and most of these games are eligible for free ‘Prime’ shipping on Amazon.)

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Karting Korner: Episode Four

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on December - 12 - 2012

The new Karting Korner is here, bringing you the latest in Little Big Planet Karting news and reviews. This edition features some very exciting and creative ideas to wrap your mind around for your future track projects. There are also some exceptional tracks featured this week, including a fantastic tribute track to the Metroid franchise by none other than yours truly.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to snag the logic behind TheAdipose’s custom elimination mode from this weeks LBP Karting tutorial.

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’90s Gaming Flashback

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on November - 25 - 2012

Take a trip down memory lane. This fantastic video showcases some exceptional titles from what is arguably the greatest decade in gaming: the ’90s.

How many of these games did you play, or do you remember?



Further Support of PS3 Doesn’t Indicate a Missing 2013 PS4 Launch Date

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on September - 21 - 2012

For months internet speculation has pointed towards 2013 being the year that Sony and Microsoft unveil their new consoles – and the arrival of the Wii U this holiday season has only heightened that suspicion. Some skepticism has surfaced, though, about the potential presence for new consoles next year, particularly from Sony. Concern for the absence of the PS4 next year seems to stem from three primary sources:  Sony’s unveiling of the PS3 Super Slim, and a very strong lineup of 2013 titles, and SCEA’s John Koller assuring the community of an “incredible lineup” over the next 2-3 years.


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Blue Dragon: An Overlooked Remedy

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on September - 20 - 2012

          I, like many others, grew up suckling the JRPG tit. In the 1990’s, companies like Squaresoft had a near impeccable track record of releasing exceptional titles, many becoming gaming’s most cherished classics. Unfortunately, this generation of gaming has seen this once beloved genre perform a proverbial nosedive; a fiery crash to rival the Hindenburg disaster. There are still JRPGs being produced for handheld systems – the Nintendo DS in particular – but big, console JRPG releases have gone by the wayside. Square merged with Enix, and has performed a mutilation of the Final Fantasy series that makes Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull look like a respectable sequel, while Enix’s wonderful Dragon Quest series remains severely underappreciated and absent from the big box consoles. Other JRPGs have emerged here-and-there on consoles, but most implement action elements, or attempt to stray away entirely from the old formula. Many fans of the genre are simply left wondering, “What the hell happened?”

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How 2012 is Shaping Up for Gaming

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on July - 20 - 2012

July is quickly coming to a close, and so far, 2012 has severely left me wanting as a gamer. Mass Effect 3, despite all the controversy, was a good game. However, it failed to resonate deeply with me, and I found myself void of any desire to replay it – or to bother with the ending redemptions. Diablo 3, one of the most anticipated games of all time, has come and gone for me as well. After over 400 hours of play, I have discovered that, currently, Diablo’s endgame is emptier than Michele Bachmann’s head. Blizzard will get it right eventually, but I strongly suspect that Diablo 3 won’t truly ascend to greatness until long after its release, much like its predecessor.

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Blizzard Botches Diablo

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on May - 16 - 2012

The highly anticipated release of Diablo 3 happened yesterday, 12 years after the release of Diablo 2. My Collector’s Edition arrived around noon on Tuesday, and upon opening it, I was harder than a necrophiliac at a zombie walk. I opened the box, inserted the disc, installed the game…

And then I couldn’t play.

The massive load (hehe… I said load),  caused by the overwhelming number of people trying to play Diablo on launch day, crashed the servers. Error’s were abundant, networks were down, and people were pissed off.

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“Who Would Win in a Fight?” Goomba vs Slime

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on April - 14 - 2012

Welcome to the all new weekly feature on www.JCWigriff.com called “Who Would Win in a Fight?”

In this weekly event, I will pit two contenders from the video game world against each other. I won’t decide the victor though – that is for you to do. I’m just the event promoter, outlining each warrior’s attributes and abilities. As Sgt. Friday would say on Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

Tell me what you think. Back your contender up. Comment, argue, fight, and bicker. Nitpick over asinine discrepancies and minute details.

I will hold polls and votes on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming fights. Tell me what battles and characters you want to see.

Outrage Sparks Demand for Final Fantasy VII Change

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on April - 10 - 2012

The ending to Mass Effect 3 received unprecedented attention, and was faced with an onslaught of rage by longtime fans of the series. Most critics warmly embraced the ambiguous ending to the trilogy, but fans were outraged, and cried out for BioWare and EA change it. These gamers weren’t angry or entitled mind you – they were simply belligerently demanding that BioWare alter their artistic vision, while fervently flooding the internet with debasing comments towards BioWare staff.

BioWare complied.

Categories: J.C. Wigriff, Video Games
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