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Karting Korner: Episode Four

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on December - 12 - 2012

The new Karting Korner is here, bringing you the latest in Little Big Planet Karting news and reviews. This edition features some very exciting and creative ideas to wrap your mind around for your future track projects. There are also some exceptional tracks featured this week, including a fantastic tribute track to the Metroid franchise by none other than yours truly.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to snag the logic behind TheAdipose’s custom elimination mode from this weeks LBP Karting tutorial.

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TheAdipose TV: Now on J.C. Wigriff!

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on December - 8 - 2012

TheAdipose, a gentleman from the London area, has been a notable figure in the online gaming community for quite some time now – particularly in Little Big Planet circles. His excellent YouTube video series, TheAdipose TV, features news, reviews, and tutorials on games like Tropico 4, Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, and even a tutorial series on utilizing the SweetFX Shader Suite.

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’90s Gaming Flashback

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on November - 25 - 2012

Take a trip down memory lane. This fantastic video showcases some exceptional titles from what is arguably the greatest decade in gaming: the ’90s.

How many of these games did you play, or do you remember?



Dora vs 50 Cent – Magic Stick

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on March - 3 - 2012

This is my new video. Because Dora is a Viacom property, I had to use a “fair use” clause to bypass the YouTube copyright protection. I believe this to be fair use, but Viacom tends to be pretty unreasonable with this sort of thing. If it gets taken down, I will just host it somewhere else.

Anyway, without further ado, I present the Dora vs 50 Cent Magic Stick Mashup!





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Hearts On Skyrim

Posted by J.C. Wigriff on March - 1 - 2012

Sorry for the slowdown in content lately. With the rebuilding of the website, and life in general, things have been hectic.

Maybe this will provide enough laughs to make it up to you. I present you with:

Hearts On Skyrim!


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